Brian Frederick

Primary Responsibilities

My primary responsibilities are to assist the department with laboratory operations. This includes managing the daily operation of departmental tissue culture, FACS, animal research, media preparation, and glasswash; including associated personnel. I also schedule and perform preventative maintenance and repairs of departmental and Kirschner lab research equipment. In addition, I act as liaison between the labs, administration, facilities and vendors. I also assist the operations manager with the planning and construction of new laboratory and core facility space in the department. I am also available to help out the Kirschner lab with routine research preparation such as MIDI DNA preps and frog injections.


I have a Master’s in Environmental Management from Harvard (2006) and a BS in Biology from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (1999). Before joining the Kirschner lab in 2000, I worked performing research for the Natural Heritage for Endangered Species program for Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Environmental issues and the great outdoors still play an important role in my personal life, as well as my hobbies of herpetoculture, organized sports, and of course spending time with my wife and daughter.